We sell Exotic Fruits, Flowers and Vegetables that are normally not available in the local shops and markets in Chennai.

Our produce include Lettuces & Salads, Greens, Continental, Chinese & Thai vegetables, Mints, Herbs, Sprouts, Microgreens, Cherry Tomatoes, Ready-to-eat Salads, Exotic Fruits, and Flowers.

We supply once per week: on Thursdays. You can place your orders at any time. However, orders received upto the end of the day on Saturday can be picked-up after 4 days, i.e on Thursday.

We deliver home to you against a delivery charge. You can also choose

to pick-up your orders on Thursdays from one of our two pick-up locations in the City. We have pick-up points in Neelangarai and on Cathedral Rd (opp. Music Academy) every Thursday morning.


Ms. Aruna S., Sales Assistant. Mobile: +91-97909 82723

Email: aruna@green-goblin.in

Ms. Leka Ruban, Sales Assistant. Mobile: +91-98846 55203

 Email: leka.ruban@green-goblin.in

Aditi Vasu, Proprietor:
Mobile: +91-87544 80310





Kale with Chana & Coconut

July 06, 2019

This vegetarian dish, with chickpeas, spiced greens, and yogurt, is halfway between chana masala and saag bhaji - a great side to curries.  INGREDIENTS: 1 Tbsp butter1 onion, finely choppedthumb-sized piece of ginger, grated2 heaped tsp cumin seeds1 tsp turmeric 1 tsp ground coriander2 Tbsp tomato purée200g kale large stalks removed, leaves finely shredded400g can chickpeas, drained250ml vegetable stock50g fresh coconut, grated4 heaped Tbsp Greek-style yogurt1 Tbsp mango chutney INGREDIENTS (TO SERVE): 1 Tbsp vegetable oil3 garlic cloves, thinly sliced2 Tbsp freeze-dried curry leaves (optional)DIRECTIONS: 1. Heat the butter in a deep frying pan, add the onion, then soften gently for 5 mins. 2. Turn up the heat and add the ginger and spices; fry for 2 mins until fragrant. Stir...

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Strawberry Spinach Salad

June 09, 2019

The salad of the summer is here! Whether you need a healthy lunch or are looking for a salad to bring to a party that—this is critical—people actually want to eat, this Strawberry Spinach Salad is the recipe for you.  Consider this recipe more of an adjustable, go-with-the-flow starter than a strict script. We’ve included the ingredients and amounts to make a stellar Strawberry Spinach Salad for a crowd, but you can switch them up to suit your preference or keep things fresh and new when you come back to make it again. Here are a few ideas: INGREDIENTS (SALAD: 100g pecans (can substitute with other nuts such as almonds or walnuts. alternatively sunflower seeds could be used)half small red onion...

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