Meyer Lemons Green 200-300g

Meyer lemon fruit is rounder than other lemons, and has a sweeter, more floral and less acidic flavor. Compared to other lemons it also a thinner and smoother skin, and a higher volume of juice. Its aromatic, slightly sweet quality brightens desserts, sauces, salads and roasts. In fact, Meyers may be substituted for regular lemons whenever you want a burst of lemon flavor without the strong acidic bite.

Meyer lemon zest has a more floral and even subtly spicy depth to it. The lemon zest, found in the grated outer rind of the fruit, is used quite frequently to add flavor when cooking or baking. Some examples of dishes that use zest in their recipe are puddings, rice, and chicken soup. The layer of bitter white pith that makes a thick protective coating for regular lemons is so thin on Meyers that they may be eaten in their entirety, peel included.

Meyers may be used anywhere you want to add pure lemon flavor with none of the burn. In sweet foods such as marmalade, lemonade or lemon bars, the lower acid level means less sugar may be required.

Despite being sweeter, you still won't want to eat a Meyer lemon whole. They're sour but they lack the eye-tingling wallop of acid that regular lemons have.

When acidity is desirable for opening up the flavors of a soup or adding depth to a sauce, stick to regular lemons.

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