Kumquat Nagami (oval) 200g

A kumquat isn't much bigger than a grape, yet this bite-sized fruit fills your mouth with a big burst of sweet-tart citrus flavor.

In contrast with other citrus fruits, the peel of the kumquat is sweet and edible, while the juicy flesh is tart.

Eat Kumquats straight - Because their peel and pith are edible, there's perhaps no better way to enjoy kumquats. They make a low calorie, tasty, and nutritious snack. Kumquats are delicious and versatile.

Add Kumquats to a salad and it will wake up your taste buds. They are the perfect balance for bitter greens such as radicchio or the licorice tasting fennel.

Or turn them into Kumquat jam or marmalade. A bonus is you don't have to peel and section them. Kumquats are also baked into a moist kumquat ginger cake.

Yes, you can actually roast kumquats in your oven. Cut them in half, toss them with a little bit of honey, and then roast on a parchment sheet-covered baking pan for a half hour at 325 degrees. What can you do with roasted kumquats? They make a sweet side dish.

You can add Kumquats to beverages. You can slice kumquats in half and add them to your favorite sweet cocktail.

Like a hint of citrus in your tea? Add one to your brewed tea instead of lemon.

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