Jerusalem Artichoke Premium 100g

Nutty, sweet, creamy and crunchy, Jerusalem artichokes, or Sunchokes, are delicious tubers that act quite similarly to potatoes when cooked.

Slice, grate or chop for salads. Boil steam, roast (Like potatoes) or use in gratin. Saute or deep-fry as chips or crisps, or dipped in batter and fried, puree for soups.

T‍hey do not need peeling, just scrub them clean. But if you should you wish to peel them, a teaspoon works better than a knife. After peeling, drop them into acidulated water (cold water with a squeeze of lemon juice or a dash of white wine vinegar) until you're ready to use them because the flesh discolours quickly. Because they are so knobbly, it's easier to peel artichokes after boiling.

Unlike potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes can be eaten raw. Grated or thinly sliced, they add a bit of crunch and texture to a raw green salad, much like jicama.

Keep an eye on them while cooking as they can turn to mush quite quickly.

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